DTG Printing


DTG Printing Details

Standard turnaround is 3-6 business days. 

Direct To Garment printing (DTG) is best used with 100% ringspun cotton. Some blends work well however color bleeding may be noticeable.

For RUSH delivery (2-3 Day) please add 30% to pricing.  (MUST be pre-paid prior starting the order)

For next day rush please add 50%, you must call 814-315-8834 so we can help get your order started as soon as possible for you. (MUST be pre-paid prior starting the order)

For DTG prints larger than 12x16 please contact us for best pricing or fill out the request to quote.

Our max print size for Direct to Garment Printing is 16 inches x 20 inches.

Proofs are not a normal part of procedure, if a proof is needed there will be a $25.00 proofing fee per proof, per placement. If this is not billed no proof will be made.

Please keep in mind Direct to Garment printing DTG is a 4 Color Digital process Although we can color match images or mockups as close as possible there is NO EXACT PMS color matching, or matching of mockup placements for this process.

Acceptable file types extensions include All High Resolution (300 or higher) ALL Flattened Artwork (merged), NO LAYERS - TIFF, PNG, PSD, AI, or EPS. All artwork must be pixel free and with a transparent background (MERGED)

The color Charcoal from Gildan and companies it owns such as American Apparel, and Anvil is subject to a $0.45 washing fee per garment, if this garment is not washed immediately after printing the garment will become discolored. To avoid this please select another color, or another brand that is not owned by Gildan.


DTG Pros

  • Full-color printing

  • Low minimums

  • Highest detail

  • Fast turn around

  • Lower upfront cost

DTG Cons

  • Higher ink cost per in large quantities

  • Less prints per hour

  • Not as durable as Screen Printing

  • 4-color print matching only

Print Pricing Only
Does Not Include Garment
4x4 Dark 4x4 White 10x10 Dark 10x10 White 10x10 Dark
(2nd side)
10x10 White
(2nd side)
12x12 Dark 12x12 White 12x12 Dark
(2nd side)
12x12 White
(2nd side)
12x16 Dark 12x16 White 16x20 Dark 16x20 White
11 - 21 $4.75 $4.00 $6.25 $5.00 $5.25 $4.50 $7.25 $5.50 $6.50 $5.00 $7.50 $6.00 $14.00 $9.50
22 - 36 $4.50 $3.80 $6.00 $4.65 $4.50 $4.25 $7.00 $5.25 $6.00 $4.75 $7.25 $5.75 $13.50 $9.25
37 - 50 $4.25 $3.60 $5.75 $4.50 $4.25 $3.75 $6.75 $5.00 $5.75 $4.50 $7.00 $5.25 $13.00 $9.00
51 - 70 $3.75 $3.40 $5.35 $4.35 $4.00 $3.65 $6.45 $4.75 $5.25 $4.25 $6.50 $5.00 $10.00 $8.75
71 - 100 $3.50 $3.20 $5.00 $4.20 $3.90 $3.55 $6.10 $4.50 $5.10 $4.00 $6.25 $4.75 $9.75 $8.00
101 - 150 $3.40 $3.05 $4.75 $4.00 $3.80 $3.45 $5.75 $4.25 $5.00 $3.85 $6.25 $4.50 $9.00 $7.50

DTG printing is best suited for 100% ring-sprung cotton, although we have had great success with printing on cotton / poly blends and even 100% polyester it is always recommended to inquire about the material you wish to print on and we will give you great feedback and guidance as to how to proceed so that all your project(s) come out great!

Please note: Contract DTG will use customer(s) items for DTG printing, but we are NOT responsible for any customer supplied garments or fabrics for digital printing service.

*All pricing is based on a 50% ink coverage. Artwork with solid coverage pricing will be adjusted accordingly per job.

Samples billed at $50 per hour plus materials

DTG Contract Printing

Ideal for higher volume retailers, website owners, legitimate resellers and storefront owners - not for the general public.


Using the latest DTG printing technology and eco-friendly inks, we’re able to reproduce digital images that maintain their vibrancy and look amazing on both white- and dark-colored garments, and we inspect each individual garment before we ship it to your customer.

Not only do we make sure the print job is fantastic, we make sure all aspects of the order are correct, from quantities and colors, to shipping information and special instructions. We don’t charge setup fees, and our prices are extremely competitive.

No order is too large or too small, and most can ship as soon as 48 hours. We offer polybagging and folding, and can provide hang tagging and bar coding if the materials needed are supplied. We conveniently offer blind shipping and drop shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. & International.


High Quality Printing

Our team ensures that your order will be DTG printed with every detail possible.

Eco-friendly materials

DTG ink is water based. Saving the planet one tee at a time!

Shockingly fast shipping

East coast orders are typically delivered in under 5 days.

Shockingly fast production.

Most orders are completed in just 1 week. Rush production is available.

DTG Printing Examples

DTG, or Screen Printing? What should I use?

DTG (Direct To Garment) printing, or screen printing (silk screen), what is the difference? What apparel decoration method should you use?

This video should answer any questions that you have.